The conference is designed to be a temporary organization, or system, which serves as a microcosm of larger organizations, systems, and societies in the world and is the context for group-level analysis. In the conference system, learning is experiential and based on reflection-in-action, which means that there will be no presentations given by experts to direct and organize one's learning. Instead, learning occurs when participants focus on their experiences in the moment, and using their experience as evidence, dialogue with others to negotiate meaning and boundaries in real time. Participants will gain insight into the conscious and unconscious processes that influence their leadership and followership. This learning is done in the context of the evolving and changing culture of the conference system and through the inter-personal and inter-group relations that develop within the conference as an organization. 

Primary Task 

The primary task of this conference is to study the conscious and unconscious development and exercise of authority, leadership, followership and group membership as it occurs over the life of the conference.


The purpose of the conference is to enable participants to improve their leadership and organizational effectiveness by providing experiential opportunities to learn about the rational and irrational ways that organizations and groups function. This conference provides the opportunity to study the impact group processes have on the exercise of authority, particularly as it relates to human experiences and roles such as citizenship in our diverse and complex world.